Travik Chemicals (UK) Ltd has been developing and producing automotive cleaning and care products since it’s inception in 1974. Utilising modern advances in raw material technology and working with customers directly to produce a range of products that give tremendous performance and economy. Below is a list of popular products, however our portfolio of formulations numbers in the thousands so if you can’t find what you need, get in touch and we can work with you to offer the best solution.

IMPACT 4000Economical general purpose cleaner, suitable for most applications.
IMPACT 6000A premium TFR for great cleaning, uses modern detergents to give a great clean without being too aggressive on paintwork.
MULTI-XPA very heavy duty high-active TFR for commercial cleaning. Popular on Commercial vehicles
T-WAX SUPERHeavy-duty TFR with the addition of a wax blend to give a water-repellant, glossy finish.
TRUCK WASHHighly concentrated powerful TFR formulated for the cleaning of commercial vehicles.
AQUAMOUSSEConcentrated TFR for use with foam generating plant and foam lances, gives a thick, long-lasting and clinging foam. Great for cleaning curtainsider vehicles and for touchless cleaning.
MULTIBIO A powerful TFR, free from NTA and using all biodegradeable ingredients, ideal for use with water-reclamation systems.
NON-CAUSTIC TFRCaustic-free TFR, gives results normally only available from harsh caustic-type products. Formulated for use on caravans, Motor Homes and Boats
NON-CAUSTIC TFR PLUS WAXCaustic-free TFR with the addition a wax blend to give a water-repellant, glossy finish. Formulated for use on caravans, Motor Homes and Boats
FLEETCLEAN (PREMIUM NON-CAUSTIC TFR)A highly technical non-caustic formulation, gives great cleaning and is particularly suited for use on liveried vehicles with vinyl graphics and brightly coloured paintwork.
NOHAZ TFRNon-hazardous TFR formulation, unlike most TFRs this special blend of detergents, chelants and boosters gives great cleaning but with none of the usual hazards.
CARAVAN TFRA specially formulated TFR designed to be used on plastics, fibreglass and aluminium bodywork, great for black-streak removal and safe for use on exterior textiles such as awnings.
VEHICLE SHAMPOOConcentrated detergent blend for hand washing of virtually any vehicle, great foam and streak-free rinsing.product-guidance-sheet-vehicle-shampoo
SHAMWAX ECOOur versatile vehicle shampoo with the addition a wax blend to give a water-repellant, glossy finish at competitive pricing.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - SHAMWAX ECO
SHAMWAXOur high-tech premium wash & wax shampoo, gives a superb clean with an amazing water-repellant finish, leaves a high gloss and even helps to reduce dirt build up between washes.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - SHAMWAX
WATER SOFTENERBlend of chelating agents to add to wash and rinse waters to remove calcium and magnesium ions and prevent scaling and water spotting.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - WATER SOFTENER
HEAVY DUTY ALLOY WHEEL CLEANERA strong acid and detergent blend with added corrosion inhibitors, cleans the dirtiest wheels rapidly without attacking the metal components, unlike many of the other alternatives on the market.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - HEAVY DUTY ALLOY WHEEL CLEANER
ALLOY WHEEL CLEANERA highly technical alloy wheel cleaner based on phosphoric acid, highly effective for removing brake dust and oxidation from alloy & steel wheels without corroding exposed metals.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - ALLOY WHEEL CLEANER
ALKALINE ALLOY WHEEL CLEANERAn Acid-free formulation for tough cleaning and degreasing of alloy wheels.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - ALKALINE ALLOY WHEEL CLEANER
ALLOY GLEAMA non-acidic and non-corrosive but powerful alloy wheel cleaner. Alloy Gleam uses a combination of detergents and stain removers in an alkaline formulation to remove grease, brake dust, dirt and road film without corroding parts or damaging paintwork. Gives fantastic cleaning performance without the extreme hazards associated with the strongly acidic or caustic cleaners commonly used.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - ALLOY GLEAM
SUPER TREADSA High-tech, non-flammable rubber and trim dressing which cleans and leaves a water-repellant coating which imparts an incredibly long-lasting high gloss shine. Inhibits oxidation and keeps rubber and plastics looking bright and new.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - SUPER TREADS
TYRE SHINEA high gloss, easy on tyre dressing, silicone-free. Very cost-effective.product-guidance-sheet-tyre-shine
QUARTZVersatile silicone dressing gel, gives a long-lasting shine and water-repellancy to all plastics. Solvent-free formulation makes it suitable for interior and exterior plastics and also works great as a tyre dressing.product-guidance-sheet-quartz
FINESSE - SILICONE FREEExtremely versatile silicone-free dressing. Suitable for interior plastics, rubber mats engine bay plastics and even tyres. Non-slip finish with great shine. Fantastic for paintshop environments.product-guidance-sheet-finesse
CLEAN & SHINESilicone based cleaner and dressing. Spray on and wipe off to remove dust and dirt and leave a high-gloss water-repellant finish. Also has a fantastic fragrance.product-guidance-sheet-clean-shine
WATERLESS WASHA combined cleaner and polish with countless uses. Great for waterless cleaning of car paintwork and plastics but can also be used for cleaning and polishing furniture, dashboards and interior trim.product-guidance-sheet-waterless-wash-wax
SUPER WAX RINSEA highly-concentrated wax rinse additive for application by hand spray or for use in automatic wash systems.
BRAKE & CLUTCH CLEANERA rapid-drying, highly effective solvent system for brake & clutch cleaning. Can also be used for electrical cleaning.
HEAVY DUTY TAR & GLUE REMOVERSolvent blend specifically designed to remove tar & adhesive residues, emulsifiable for easy rinsing.
INTENSEExtremely powerful solvent and surfactant blend for removing Tar, Bitumen, Grease and underseal from cars.
SOLVENT DEGREASER EMULSIFIABLEVersatile, cold application manual degreaser for engine bay and parts cleaning, emulsifiable for easy rinsing.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - SOLVENT DEGREASER EMULSIFIABLE
NEW CAR POLISHHigh quality, rapid PDI polish for use on new or high quality paintwork. Easy on - easy off.
LONGLIFE CAR POLISHA polymer-enhanced formula, containg a superior blend of hard waxes to give a deep gloss, showroom finish. Detergent resistant with an extremely long lasting shine.product-guidance-sheet-longlife-car-polish
GLASS & MIRROR (New and Improved for Summer 2017)A highly effective streak-free and quick drying spray glass cleaner, great for removing road grime, bugs and tree sap from automotive glass and for the cleaning of dirt and grime from virtually any glass surface. Also suitable for use on transparent plastics, chromium, steel, laminates and ceramic tilesPRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - GLASS MIRROR (New and Improved for Summer 2017)
SCREENWASH CONCENTRATEA highly concentrated screenwash fluid for great cleaning and frost protection. Highly dilutable.PRODUCT GUIDANCE SHEET - SCREENWASH CONCENTRATE
EXTREME WINTER SCREENWASH CONCENTRATESpecially formulated to give even more frost protection and provide heavy duty cleaning performance for winter motoring. Dilute to use.
AROMA 100Ultra-concentrated Air freshener. Can be diluted up to 1 part concentrate to 100 parts water before application. Available in 4 great fragrances: Lemon, Apple, Blueberry and Bubblegum.
AUTO FRESHA concentrated de-odouriser designed to combat odours and leave a pleasant, clean fragrance. Safe on fabrics and textiles. Very economical to use. has a fresh, floral fragrance.
INTERIOR CLEANERAn extremely versatile mutli-purpose cleaner for spray and wipe cleaning of hard surfaces. Can also be used on fabrics and upholstery for spot cleaning.product-guidance-sheet-interior-cleaner
FABRIC UPHOLSTERY CLEANERA powerful dry-foam detergent for most fabrics, simply brush or sponge in, allow to dry, then vacuum off.
LEATHER CONDITIONERExtremely rich blend of waxes and oils for leather care. Cleans and feeds, leaving leather supple. Leather perfumed for that new car smell.product-guidance-sheet-leather-conditioner
CARPET SHAMPOO - DRY FOAMHighly concentrated dry-foam detergent for most carpets, simply brush or sponge in then vacuum off. Great for stain removal.
CARPET EXTRACTION FLUIDA concentrated surfactant blend for use in carpet cleaning machines. Can also be used for spot cleaning and stain removal. Fresh Linen fragrance.
DEFOAM ADDITIVEHighly concentrated anti-foaming additive, can be mixed with cleaning solutions to limit foam production or added to waste water tanks in extraction machines to prevent foam build up.
SPRAIDHighly concentrated, can be used on virtually any surface in varying dilutions, including textiles and upholstery. Easily removes oil, grease, nicotine and all manner of stains and soils.
AP2001Astoundingly versatile multi-purpose cleaner concentrate. Highly dilutable and gives great cleaning on virtually any hard surface and flooring. Very economical in use.product-guidance-sheet-ap2001
MAGMAWorkshop hand scrub, gentle but thorough cleanser with powdered pumice abrasive for removal of oil and grease without drying the skin.
CHEMICAL TOILET RINSE TANK ADDITIVEFragrant cleaner concentrate, keeps toilet bowls clean and fresh smelling.
CHEMICAL TOILET WASTE TANK ADDITIVEBiocidal treatment to reduce odours and gas build up. Helps break down toilet paper and waste matter
MAINTENANCE FLUIDVersatile penetrating lubricant and water displacing fluid with corrosion inhibitors. Liquid formulation can be applied directly or via trigger spray.
ANTIFREEZE - BS6580 BLUEAnti-freeze/summer coolant for all vehicle and engine types. Conforms to and exceeds BS6580 standards.
DE-ICERPowerful commercial-grade rapid de-icer for vehicles.
POLYGONThe only Nissan (GB) approved polymer wax & paint guard remover. Works very well on most manufacturers waxes & coatings.
MOWAX SFormulated for General Motors vehicles. Fast, effective and economical removal of wax protective coatings on most makes when used with a pressure washing system.
DP720Formulated for Volvo commercial vehicles for removal of wax protective coatings when used with a pressure washing system.